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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Possibilitarian Tribe

You guys, this post is for you. Are you ready? I'm excited. 

All the talk this week about tribes and my being a connectress got me thinking......

Vegetarians choose to live on vegetables. Pescatarians choose to live on fish. If you’re a Possibilitarian, you choose to live on possibility — it fuels you, nourishes you, and sustains you.

Being a Possibilitarian isn’t always easy — especially in a world that can feel judgmental, critical & closed-minded. And just like running, swimming, singing or painting, being a Possibilitarian takes practice.

I practice being a Possibilitarian every day — it’s my guiding worldview, and a practical approach to making my dreams real. But over the past couple years, I’ve not only craved deep connections & community with my fellow Possibilitarians but I've often dreamed of creating a space for them to find one another. 

Because here's the truth. You guys are a huge tribe for me. Huge. You are my people and my sense tells me that you are each others people, too. I want you to find one another, online and otherwise. 

Let's make a tribe. Let's call ourselves The Possibilitarian Tribe.

If you ...

Believe in practicing courage, every single day.
: Believe that kindness changes everything & love always wins.
: Believe that we are all part of something beautiful, something bigger than ourselves, something deeply, profoundly, surprisingly ... good.
: Believe that success has everything to do with who you are, not what you do.

And you also ...

: Want to live from the center of your life outward -- a place where from which you can radiate and live a whole life, not a half-life.
: Understand that our dreams don't necessarily belong to us, but serve as important tools, belonging to the world.
: Have overcome the odds — big odds, small odds, private odds or public odds — and still have a full heart. And hope.

Then you are most certainly A Possibilitarian(Side effects may include honesty, creativity, tenderness & inspired action.)

Calling all Possibilitarians: Introduce your gorgeous selves

Here's what I'm thinking. Introduce yourselves right here in the comments. I want to meet you all. I want you to meet each other. I want us to build a hope-filled, possibibilty-fueled tribe. Tell us your name, where we can find you online. Tell us what's calling you, what your soul mission is, what you're dreams are, what you're working on. 

This isn't about selling anything. This is truly about connecting and building a tribe. So please, no links and comments that are overly promotional. We want to see and meet YOU (not your products). 

The goal? A sort of roll-call if you will - where we can all find each other in the comments of this post and follow the trail of links out into each other's worlds where we can reach out to you, support you, and encourage you as you continue along in your hopeful journeys. Not just today, or this week, but for always. I'll put a link up to to this post on my sidebar so it will always be easy to find one another.

I have a feeling this will be the most hope-filled tribe EVER. 

Here’s to believing — and belonging.

PS: For those of you who would like buttons, below are a few for you to grab for your sidebars and such! Kindly link the buttons back to this blog post so other Possibilitarians can join the tribe!



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Mahala said...

Hi, I'm Mahala and I think that anything is possible if you really believe and want it. I always think that Kelly is possibly the cutest lady ever! It's nice to get to meet all of you!

Pigirls said...

My name is December. If dictionaries listed quotes you could find me under "Girl on the go". I'm 23 years young, a full time student, mommy to a beautiful 2 year old boy (Landon) and I work two jobs, one as a fashion stylist to Hot Mama (shopmama.com) and I help out at my families two businesses (coins4me.com and americanpidayton.com). I have a background in jewelry, business is in my blood and Im a fashion student so anything that lets you express yourself calls me. Handbags are my weakness! I like to mix unexpected things together such as vintage clothing with new jewelry, stripes with florals and navy with black.

-Amanda said...

What a great idea!
Hello...my name is Amanda and I'm a Possibilitarian!

Victoria Lynn Hall said...

Hi. I think this is a wonderful idea. My name is Victoria and I am a slave to the muse who believes in the magic of creativity and kindness. My blog is at http://victorialynnhall.blogspot.com/

Thank you Kelly for your courage and inspiration. :)

Blazer said...

Being connected and having meaningful relationships is the way. I want to be authentic and have life-giving interactions with those around me. This is important for the long-standing friends, but also the person who you pass on the street. Maybe the interaction is just a smile, but why not?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I think this is a wonderful idea. My name is Victoria and I am a slave to the muse who believes in the magic of creativity and kindness. My blog is at http://victorialynnhall.blogspot.com/

Thank you Kelly for your courage and inspiration. :)

-Amanda said...

What a great idea! Hello kindred spirits...my name is Amanda. Every day I wear a necklace engraved with the words "Dwell in Possibility". You can read what's in my heart on my blog:


tawnya said...

Tawnya. Wife to one. Momma to one. On the cusp of 40. Lapsed writer, trying to find my voice again. I'm hoping my upcoming vacation to Portland (my soul city that I miss everyday!) will help. As it usually does. You can find me here: http://drawntotheflame.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!
Hello...my name is Amanda and I'm a Possibilitarian!

DeAnne Olguin Williamson said...

Hi I'm DeAnne Olguin Williamson. I make art and write a blog (deannewilliamson.com) but I also just want to connect with like-minded people. I tribe is calling me.

Lisa Ullrich said...

Hi Kelly and Everyone! I'm a big fan of authenticity, integrity, and I do believe love can conquer all, but only when the people involved make it a point to maintain the effort and desire to do so. I've been creative & a little entrepreneur all my life, but just recently (since Flying Lessons last September) got really serious about my art. I've tried a couple times before, but I allowed other things to get in the way. This time, I'm sticking to it! I have found a lot of great people who are also taking this great journey. It's nice to have like-minded people to connect with. Thank you!

Kathleen said...

My name is Kathleen and I truly believe the possibilities are endless and that to enjoy life one must be free to be which is why I have that tattooed on my arm.

Angela DeMuro said...
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Martha McCartney said...

hello ladies...I am Martha, I am just getting over a whole patch of roughness and feel like I am walking out of a fog but just getting my creativity back on course and hope to be an inspiration that it is never too late, I am in my late fifties, retired, recently divorced, and moved from one coast to another, just remodeling my website. I am an artist, poet and photographer and have taken up candle making ...www.lilliesavage.com - same on facebook and twitter thanks KRR !!

kerriek said...

Hi. My name is Kerrie. I think I have always been a possibiltarian at heart I just never had a word for it. I have a passion for finding/giving hand-made, eco-friendly items and gifts that give back and I hope to one day have a store full of them for others to buy/share/enjoy.

Anonymous said...

My name is Nicole. I'm married, with a two year old. I'm just now starting to "find myself" again. Really delving deep, and wanting to get creative again. Kelly, how do you find the time to be so creative?? Lol. I find myself with so many ideas, but just haven't been able to find the time to sit down and shut the world out for a bit.

Angela Rae Barribeau said...

My name is Angela. I have been an artist and a musician as far back as I have memories! My greatest influences in my life (besides God) were my late father, and my late daughter. I try to live each day with wonder and joy. Lately I feel that I have failed those who are the closest to me in my life, my family. I started a full-time job last July and I am still struggling to juggle everything. I desperately want to be a Possiblitarian like all of you!!! I love all art mediums and almost all music mediums, I have an eclectic taste in both! I am my father's daughter! :)

Becky said...

Hi I'm Becky and I'm just coming out of a broken year. So what I'm finding myself called to this year is authenticity, and honesty about brokenness. I dream of creating a safe space for people to feel what they feel and admit that they don't have all the answers and still be whole anyhow. I am working my way through grief this year by writing...so healing for me. So happy to be part of this tribe. There is beautiful strength in numbers.

Tracy Donner said...

Hi Kelly and Tribe, my name is Tracy I am a possibilitarian. I believe I can overcome all obstacles to be anything I set my mind to and I believe that for you all too!! Let's band together and support one another to be anything we want to be and accomplish anything we want to accomplish. Through the Looking Glass Garden on Facebook and Etsy. Let's make art to fill our souls!!

Heather Koshiol said...

KRR, your possibilitarianism, along with your art, is inspirational and speaks to my heart. Thank you! I am Heather and have begun identifying myself as a Heart's Path Mentor. I feel called to help people (women) discover and live their heart's true paths. Connecting and creating are my top two "heart ventures." Though I'm an introvert, I'm determined to stand up and teach people what I've learned about discovering and living my own heart's true path. I'm terrified and thrilled to offer an in-person (Minneapolis-area) Heart's Path Discovery Session this spring. My heart's work is at www.LearnExploreShare.com
Also, I want to say how much I love Portland! My best friend lives there, and I'm fortunate to visit each fall. Such beauty in the landscape there. :)

Playamongstars said...

I've been looking for my tribe! Glad you found me! My name is Jocelyn. I believe in HOPE. I have been and still am pursuing my DREAM and will not stop until it has materialized. I believe that everything I have dreamed can become REAL. Glad to find others that believe anything is possible!

Abby said...

Ohhh my ohh my Kelly, How in the world do you keep coming up with all of these JUICY new directions!! Hi ladies, my name is Abby (Personal blog...www.abergailia.com). I have been following many ladies online with like minds over the past 10-15 years,once facebook blew up I have come to see how all of us gals are or have been following eachothers "cyberness" over all these years. As Ive looked back on my personal growth timeline/art/following my passion & inspiration I have been astounded to see how intimitly connected weve been this whole time and I LOVE the sisterhood!Truly ladies...the sky's the limit to what we are capable of, esspecially with the love and support from fellow "Possibilitarian Tribes". I look forward to meeting each and every one of you dear souls, have heart to hearts at our kitchen tables via the telly, the net or even be blessed enough to hold an actual space celebrating our togetherness.
Big squishy huggs to you all,
♥ Abby

Suzanne Drolet said...

What an AMAZING idea Kelly Rae!

Ever since first discovering your blog (Kelly) I felt a deep connection to the idea that anything is possible. Since then I have been moving forward with my dream of being an artist. I participated in the final round of flying lessons where I met the most wonderful group of woman...my "tribe".

I have a blog www.honeydropstudio.wordpress.com

I can't wait to meet this new tribe!

Bonnie Arriola said...

Hello. I'm Bonnie. Married, mother of three. A move 2 1/2 years ago shook up my world a bit. The result was a change in fields of employment & an interest in creating art. Snail mail makes me giddy with excitement. I love to make art with envelopes and have begun designing postcards. Also, must journal and now I add art to it or make art and journal around it. I believe in living without regrets. Be loving, be true, be me. Thanks for letting me join the tribe!

Rebecca Wirfs said...

WooHoooooo! My name is Rebecca. I love this idea. i have been searching for a tribe locally, I have hosted retreats. Connecting with like minded women is uplifting, inspiring and just what the dr. ordered. I am on Fb @ Rebeca Wirfs Illustration and I have a site on Wix under the same name.
Again, WooooooHooooo! Much Love.

White River Home Educators said...

Hello! My name is Nickole Huffman and I am a possibilitarian!

I am longing for a place that allows me to be ME. I am a Wife and Mama, I love music, the Lord and His redemption in my life, and the opportunity to love and disciple my children. I homeschool and play sports and laugh and sometimes pee my pants I laugh so hard.

I have broken relationships in my life but believe that boundaries are important and that loving myself well allows me to love others well.

Thank you for gathering the troops...inspiring women to be courageous and full of valor.

and yes, love ALWAYS wins.

grace and peace.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone- My name is Joy and have a dream to open a community art space that brings creativity to everyone. Unsure of how to get there, I have just decided to go back to school and get a 2nd degree in graphic arts. (My 1st is in Social Work.) I am excited that I have finally put aside my fears and am doing it anyway! Would love to find a tribe of fellow creative, heart-centered, people. I do not have a website besides my empty etsy store joyfiordalisi.etsy.com, but can be found on facebook. Thanks for the endless inspiration Kelly!

Kristen Conley said...

Hi to all of the possibiltarians out there! I am Kristen, I discovered KRR and her Flying Lessons course after seeing it posted in a few other groups and it kept calling me. It transformed me. I now dare to dream and better yet, I dare to go after them! Some of the most inspiring and encouraging people in my life are the amazing flying sister's I met through Flying Lessons. They are such a blessing. My mission...is to dare to dream and make them a reality. You can find me on my website www.whimsyinspired.com and all my links are there <3

tammy murdock said...

What a great idea! I have been an artist for my whole life, a wife and mother for nearly 1/2 my life and I am so excited to be on a quest. I am searching within myself and in the world for the right words and images to help me better express myself.I am happy to be on a journey with other people walking on the same path! I am excited to see where we are going! I am starting a blog, but for now you can find me at www.EmbellishStudios.com

Kim Henkel said...

Hello I am Kim, and I believe in goodness. I believe it multiplies as we pass it along. I believe in kindness, and try my best to pass that along daily. Sometimes this is hard...especially as I continue to heal from a brain trauma injury...that I work hard not to let get in my way...and I do believe I will heal- I know it is possible, and I continue to work at it and believe in it daily. Creating (almost) daily helps me heal. I can be found at www.khenkel.blogspot.com

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Oh, this makes me teary-eyed! Finding kindred has become so vital to me. I have felt so different and like a misfit for much of my life--but the more freely I am myself, and the more I share my brave truth with others who are ALSO willing to share THEIR truth--well, I find kindred all around . . . even if you live halfway across the world!

I'm Amanda Fall, 28 years old, married to my best friend and living in a sweet little mobile home with our ridiculous cat Kiki, in the luscious Black Hills of South Dakota. I'm an introvert who's also shy and has social anxiety--but I'm learning more and more to embrace these quirks and appreciate how they give me a gentler view of the world.

I'm blessed beyond belief to have finally found my calling--I'm creator & editor of Sprout online magazine, a monthly indie publication that celebrates hope & healing in our everyday lives. This is my impossible dream made possible (and of course--nothing is really impossible, is it?). You can find me at SproutOnlineMagazine.com

Kelly, bless you, and thank you for providing this sweet gathering space. We are so much stronger together.

ellie said...

I am always in awe of your creative new ideas and your generosity of spirit. The idea of embracing all the possibilities of life is one I try to live. I would love having a community of others who are journeying through the creative life with all the possibilities. Thanks

Lauren Rudolph said...

My name is Lauren and I am a creative being. I have been an artist and have viewed the world from this perspective from as far back as I can remember. My spiritual journey is entirely connected to my creativity. I have 2 beautiful children. My daughter Ava is 4 and an artist and a free spirit. My son Gabriel is 9 months today. He is a peaceful, joyful little Buddha. I have felt that spark come alive in me. I have always been a possibilitarian but now I am truly on that path. I am creating every day and would live nothing more than to connect with like minded people that share this vision. The vision would be to connect to ourselves, the world, our dreams and our purpose. Thank you Kelly Rae! My website is www.laurenrudolph.com

Becky said...

What a great idea Kelly & thank you!

My name is Becky Swanson and I'm a wife and mother of 3. I used to teach 2nd grade but now I teach yoga and have a tiny biz/passion called "Bloom & Shine." I blend yoga, creativity, and self-discovery to help *Nourish your Spirit, *Notice your Beauty & Truth, & *Make Meaningful Moments. (This is what i'm working on and I enjoy helping others as well.)


Gulf Coast Girl said...

Hello friends, I'm Kelli from the Gulf Coast. 30-something, happily divorced, blessed, broken, & battling systemic disease. I blog about life...the good, bad, & ugly. Honest, sometimes to a fault.

I was an artist, art instructor, art therapy student, and volunteer art therapy assistant not too long ago. I miss it all very much. I pray my health will turn around so I can resume pursuing my dreams. Almost anything is possible, and I'm too stubborn to give up.

I can be found ranting and raving at www.ugottafriend.com.

Blessings to all,
Kelli Bosarge

Sheila Atchley said...

I am a seasoned possibilitarian, a preacher's wife, grace girl, mother to two grown, married, identical twin daughters, (they have given me two grandchildren) and I am the hopeful mother of two prodigal sons who are finding their way back home.

I dwell in possibility, for sure. Kelly Rae, your art, and all you are inspires me...and I can easily see you have inspired many others...some who give you credit, some who do not.

Come visit, any time, at www.sheilaatchleydesigns.com

Can't wait to meet a few lovelies!

Sheila Atchley

Tonia said...

Hello, My name is Tonia. I am Yoga teacher and healer of all things. I am a believe in kindness always. Love is the answer! I believe in the possibility's of life. I am exploring self expression through art. Kelly is a huge inspiration for me always.

Much love and light!

Marcia said...

Hi all. I believe love is the most important thing. I am a 33 year old mom, wife and elementary art teacher. My art teaching blog is www.ArtisBasic.com and my personal art blog is http://marciabeckett.blogspot.com. looking forward to meeting you all.

Suzann said...

Suzann here in SW WA. Mother of two teens, creator of much and dreamer of many. I have various interests from art journaling to building things. From paint brushes to power tools. Homemade is best in my world. So happy to find so very many like-minded people to share with. Thank ypu Kelly!!

Carolyn Hueston said...

Hi fellow Possibilitarians! My name is Carolyn and I recently became an empty nester. It saddens me that my children now live far from me, but a window of possibilities has now opened and I fill much time exploring all things creative and discovering new things about myself. I'm a very new blogger and still trying it find my true voice. Thanks, Kelly Rae, for your generous spirit!

Barb said...

Hi! my name is Barb and I am in So CA. At the New Year I chose a word to focus on in 2013. The word I chose: Possibilities. I have a feeling joining in this group is a very wise step! Waving hello to all of you!!

Rhonda said...

Hi..I have been reading your e book and have been a fan of your art for a while. I am already a very positive person and love the power in your art and words. I am an open heart nurse. But in reading your book I have been listening to my inner strengths with artwork, photography and writing. Thanks for this inspiration to listen to my soul.

Melissa said...

Hi, I'm Melissa and feel all over the place at this moment. I'm 28, engaged and preparing for a wonderful life with a wonderful man. I'm in the process of preparing to leave my full time job to work with a health supplement company that would allow my future husband and myself to work side by side. It's something that I never dreamed I would do - but it's filled with so much beautiful possibility, positivity and unbelievable people. I am also growing my own creative spirit, business and blog and determining what exactly that looks like.

I wrote in my journal tonight that I want to live from the center of myself outward - taken from Kelly's post. I'm not exactly sure what my life is unfolding to look like but I'm certain that I want to live from the center of myself and radiate my truth outward.

Sophie's Dressing Room said...

I’m Sophie from Thailand. I’ve been crafting for almost 4 years now. I love to create something memorable such as mini album and mixed media. I always challenge myself with the new projects. I found out that creating and painting are fulfilled my life. I dream to be a business owner and share what I believe to others.

Wendy said...

I have felt that I am a part of Kelly Rae's (online) tribe for many years, and so I'm just thrilled to finally have a name for this group of wonderful, awesome people!

This also comes at a wonderful moment in which a group of amazing women in the Puget Sound region are giddily planning our first Lovebomb style retreat!

My name is Wendy McNeal, I am a photographer, crafter, and activist. You can find my extremely new website at wendymcneal.com.

I have been a BIG fan of Kelly Rae, and Andrea Scher, and Mati Rose, and this entire, wonderful circle of inspirational women for many years. My closest and dearest friend not only introduced me to your blog, along with all of the others, but she also once gifted me enrollment in Kelly Rae's first eCourse, Flying Lessons. It was the darkest period of my life - a painfully long stretch of depression and a very unhealthy relationship were weighing me down. Flying Lessons was like the first shock to my system - my eyes opened and I saw the possibilities, my heart was beating at normal pace for a minute there. But time went on and I slipped back into the darkness of an unhealthy mind. Since then, there have been a few false starts, a few domain names purchased and abandoned, a few dreams were dreamt and then discarded.

After a few years of focusing on improving my mental health and recovering from a very unhealthy relationship, I have been gradually able to focus more on art, and my dreams, and creating the possibility of living those dreams.

I found, as everyone does, that the more I focused on positivity, the more positive things happened to me.

Despite all of the positive improvements, one thing that has been really lacking from my life is a tribe. A tribe of kindred souls, a tribe of women to support and encourage each other, a tribe to tap into that ancient, indescribable notion of oneness, belonging, and truly *being*.

Recently I found that this tribe was naturally forming in my life. I met this one really cool person, and she introduced me to this other amazing woman. I struck up a conversation with a woman at the coffee shop, then randomly ran into her the next week.

This weekend we began dreaming up a weekend retreat on the Washington coast, pretty much following your step by step post exactly. The giddy feeling I have about this event is something I haven't felt for years, and I am loving it. I cannot wait to be there and relish in the love, support, and beautiful energy.

I am thrilled to see how this group of friends forms and grows over the years. And I am also thrilled to see how THIS tribe of Possibilitarians grows and develops!

<3 W

Dawn Priestley said...

Fantastic! I have always been a "possibilitarian" - I just didn't know the word for it.

I currently have two businesses: Life on the Wall where we create 3-D custom memory canvas' (think photo canvas - but way cooler!) and Design Your Life where I help people find their soul's passion in work and life!

Looking forward to hangin' out with you all here!
~ Dawn

The Ray Family Blog said...

Hi, I'm Kristin Ray and if I believe in anything it's the belief in possibilities. Finally a group I belong to. :) Cheers to happy minded - good hearted - true spirited souls.

Melissakdesign said...

I feel like something amazing is going on in the world right now! I am making the most amazing connections with people all over!I love your art Kelly Rae and I love your soulful words. I just watched your interview on the RBBC today and just listening to that was so inspiring. I have been an artist for many years and my own soul work and personal journey has been reflected in it.I really want to take it a step further and create a community here in my city where we can all share our gifts and vulnerabilities in a loving, compassionate place.I have wild dreams about what that could look like and I feel afraid and vulnerable about really showing everyone who I am becoming. It's so wonderful to find like minded kind souls here. Thank you for opening up your world to all of us! I'm excited to be here!:)I put up my facebook page just recently, here it is:


Susan said...

What a wonderful idea this is, KR. I'll bookmark this page so I can go back and check out everyone's links when I have the time to sit and absorb it all.

My name is Susan. I'm an artist, writer, teacher, wife of one and mother of two. The kids are grown now, the mother I took care of for the last seven years of her life is gone and for the first time since forever this is MY time. Last year I taught myself wordpress, began blogging and showing and selling my paintings. Last week I listened to my heart and began redesigning my blog. I envision it becoming an online resource for creativity in every aspect of life...art, cooking, photography, LIFE, to grow my tribe of creative interesting women. I'd love to have you all stop by, look around and say hello. It's still a work in progress but that's no different than everything else in my life. http://www.oolalatheartylife.com My facebook page is http:www.facebook.com/slportermixedmedia

Cherie Murray said...

I'm Cherie & I make stuff. I can lose myself for hours playing with beads or paint or markers or whatever. Also, I'm Canadian, so that means I'm awesome. My sense of humour was shaped at an early age by watching Monty Python. I can be found at slowlyunfold.blogspot.ca/ Come by for tea & put your feet up on the coffee table.

Kajal Dhabalia said...

I remember the first time I read "Possibilitarian" next to Kelly's name...it made me smile and think "I want to be one of those, too"...I guess it's official now :).

Hi, my name is Kajal and I'm a graphic designer by trade, but at heart I'm a lover of yoga, food and art; basically all things creative and spiritual.

You can find me at www.wholesomesoul.com.

Wholesome Soul is about everyday yogi and yogini's trying to find balance in the world through yoga, food and art. We believe that when you’re lit from within, you can light the whole world up.

My goal is to do this by providing tools that are infused with yogic philosophy; with the core focus on vegetarian cooking and inspired art.

Thanks Kelly!

Briana, MA said...

After watching your and Beth's interview on Jennifer Lee's Right Brainers in Business Summit yesterday, I was totally inspired. Even though I took Hello Soul, Hello Business, I wasn't yet clear on my soul mission. Now I know my soul mission:
I want women to know that they are beautiful, wherever they are on their life journey. It is easy to get lost. However, you don't have to feel lost and lonely. There are ways to connect to your inner guidance and that of the divine. Personal expression through art making and photography can help heal your hurts, help you regain self-confidence, and connect you to the beautiful person you truly are.
You can find me at www.orangespiralarts.com
Thanks for this idea, Kelly!
Can't wait to go through all of the links here.

Alanna Jane. said...

Hello Dear Ones. I am a 39 year-young woman who has surmounted all odds to live as an potter, artisan and provider-of-hope despite living with permanent disabilities that 4 years ago made me abruptly give up everything I have ever thought that I wanted in my life.

Within weeks I am to launch a brand new blog/website that will tell the very personal, raw and vulnerable stories of my having overwhelmed several major traumas and how I have chosen to heal my mind-body-soul to live my very best life. The stories are pouring out of me now, from a place of love, compassion, forgiveness and with the intention to bring light and hope to anyone with deep pain, struggles, trauma and/or a lack of self-love, to those who need it most. Included in this website will also be a library of free (and mainly online) or written resources for healing, growing and becoming the best possibilitarian despite whatever anyone is currently facing. I will also be including stories from ANYONE else who wants to share their stories of personal challenge and ultimate inspiration. I is going to be my great honour to share my WHOLE life with you, my dear possibilitarians: as honestly, compassionately and empoweringly as I can. [http://www.facebook.com/CreatingAbundance]

Otherwise, I am an (slowly) emerging potter and artisan (jeweller, hangbag designer, glass mosaic artisan, greeting card creater, etc). Other than creating my website of hope, I am using my small studio to create a vast inventory before launching a new ETSY store and re-created artisan website. [http://www.facebook.com/Alanna.Jane.artisan].

SO many wonderful things are in the works despite the fact that at least a week of every month I am in too much pain to even get out of bed. I also suffer from several ephemeral cognitive dysfunctions. It was the unexpected attack of a winter virus that damaged several important nerves that left me this way - and honestly, it is the very best thing that has ever happened to me as it has changed me into the greatest person that I ever could be. Thank you Universe, for believing that I was strong enough to face these odds. It took everything that I had within me to surmount them, but I have become a woman that I love dearly and accept unconditionally.

Thank you Kelly-Rae, for being such an inspiration and facilitator of empowerment. If I wasn't just barely surviving on disability assistance, I would have purchased every course, book, print and inspiration that you have created as I adore both you and your work!!

Team Possibilitarian - every single one of you is a great and wonderful gift to this world. Never, ever stop listening to your hearts and making your dreams come true.

Any of you are more than welcome to contact me should you feel a calling to do so (facebook contacts above).

Karen Mortensen said...

Hi. I am Karen. I am a mom to a disabled son. He has Fragile X. I teach 1st grade and my 10th piece of Kelly Rae's art is on its way.

Kim Gann said...

Hello New Family. I am Kim from East TN, just west of Knoxville. I have been involved in art all my life, it's a gift from God. I am now married to my biggest fan who nudges me to be the full time artist I have always dreamed of being, so that's what i am working on. My dream is to become a licensed artist. I struggle to keep my Etsy shop full. My mission is to create art that brings joy, smiles and laughter. I am currently working on turning two visions into art. They are for visualization for cancer patients to help heal their bodies. These ideas came to me in early Jan. At the end of Jan we found out my younger brother has cancer. He has a print of the first pre-painting. I plan on making prints and sending them to anyone who needs them, there will never be a charge.
Hugs to you all. I can't wait to meet everyone.

~ Donna Peter said...

Hi I'm Donna
I'm a Wife, stay at home Mom, and like to dabble in Mixed Media and lots of other crafts. I am a former florist. I have done 2 craft shows over the last 2 years, so I'm just dipping my feet into the possibility pool. Admittedly it freaks me out, lol!
Hoping that by coming here I'll make connections and learn!
You can visit me over at my not so active blog: http://orangalicious1.blogspot.ca/

Thanks everyone, Thanks Kelly Rae :)

talktosusan said...

My name is Susan... and I pray everyday that happy is possible!

Kim Gann said...

Oops I forgot to leave my contact info. It's all on my web site

Seanna said...

hi, I'm Jordan, and I am a possibilitarian-wanna be. I am trying to come up with a plan to leave the corporate world for good... In the meantime, I paint, trying to show the beautiful connection between we as humans and our animals.

I did buy Kelly Rae's book, and I know I would love to read it and talk about it with other folks who are reading it. I am so excited to be part of a creative community!

I've worked at my personal mission statement but I haven't got the energy to find the specific words, but it's something like this: To make a better world by showing its beauty and the uniqueness of all of oour animal companion spirits (really all animals).

You can see my artwork at: www.animalfriendsportraits.com

or at my blog: www.seannaj.blogspot.com

Yes, I am on facebook at:

Hopemore Studio said...

Kelly, this will be one huge comments filled post!! What an opportunity to share with everyone. I am a mixed media artist still finding my way but the path is becoming clearer. My current passion is my j-o-b, as a donations specialist for a large nonprofit. We run a thrift store that serves the local community in kentucky. Our ultimate goal is to help those in need find a path to sustainability. It is a unique opportunity to be able to help others find dignity it hard times. I hope my artwork will one day fill a need as well.
Angie @ hopemorestudio.blogspot.com

Jessie Friedman said...

How exciting is this?! Hello kindred spirits! My name is Jessie, I am a 31 year old renaissance soul.

A little over a year ago, I decided to take a giant leap after reading Kelly's book "Taking Flight", and I decided to follow my dream in becoming a full-time artist. It has been a bit of a struggle, I probably should have planned it better, but it has been a blessing as well. I believe in possibilities and I believe that there are no mistakes.

I have been longing for a creative/possibilitarian tribe for a while now. I can't wait to connect with all of you! I can be found at www.twitter.com/JFriedmanArt

Jodi E said...

I'm very excited to be part of a tribe...this tribe! My name is Jodi Ellis, I'm from St. Paul, MN. I was part of the first Flying Lessons group. That seems so long ago and yet not so long ago at the same time. I have done lots of creating since then but not as much as I had hoped. The last 6 months I have been motivated to get back to creating my goals, to continue to grow from within and to let my gratitude shine. I started a blog in 2010 but closed it, I don't think I was quite ready. Now that is on my creativity motivation list again, more possibilities! In the meantime, i can be reached by email at jodiellis09@gmail.com

Suzanne said...

Hi Kelly & and all other wonderful and amazing possibilitarians!!

In a few months I'll be reaching my mid-50's. I spent most of our married life raising our 2 children... my youngest has autism and is now in his early 20’s.

The past year has been one of the most exhilarating years of my life ever. I was at a point where I could no longer stifle what was inside of me. I began to take the steps to truly step into my true self. I began stepping into my dreams and actually living them. In the process I also began finding my tribe mostly online. I felt like I had arrived home. I began expressing myself through writing. I also started exploring with photography, opened an Etsy Shop, and am having fun as an artist, something that is very new to me.

The life that God has given me, the challenges, the lessons, and all the amazing things I have learned and lived… I now wish to share with all of my heart what I have learned to overcome in my own life. My greatest desire is to inspire others to look at their life in a different light and embrace all that they have been given and to see their own light that is waiting for them to shine brightly to the world.

Having been given a child with autism turned my life literally upside-down… but today a few decades later I am truly able to see the amazing gifts that I was given and the many blessings that have come with that and with so many other things in my life also. And that is what led me to this discovery of what was in my Soul waiting for me to awaken to… and that is to living my life in an authentic way that can serve to help others discover the same about themselves in some way, regardless of their age, and regardless of the challenges they be faced with.

I’d love to invite you to come visit me at http://suzanne-mcrae.com

Alanna Jane. said...

PS. Dearest Kelly-Rae, creating this tribe so that we could all meet each other is an AMAZING idea. Perhaps we could create a facebook group? Team Possibilitarian - so that we can all keep urging each other on, stay in touch, make new friends and just radiate all kinds of possibility?? I would be happy to help out if you need such [http://www.facebook.com/Dragonologist].

PPS. To you ALL - I truly wish that I could "like" your stories her, and give you all hugs and tell you how incredible you all are. The only difference between making your dreams come true and living them, is believing that you can!!

❤ ♫♩♬♫♪ ❤ “No pessimist ever discovered the secrets to the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.” ~Helen Keller ❤ ♫♩♬♫♪ ❤

Love.Leigh.Knitz said...

Oops! I neglected to mention my blog...where the only thing I promote is positive thoughts! Http://www.stixandstring.wordpress.com.

Anonymous said...

grateful to be linking with like-minded people. i believe in paying it forward and love to be surrounded by people who enhance my life as i try to enhance theirs. i am lana

Deanna said...

Hello! This is such a good idea!♥

I'm Deanna, I'm 25 and I live in Australia. I'm an artist at heart, I find so much joy and inspiration in nature. I'm a shy person, and have always been an observer. I am the stargazer, the birdwatcher, the one who sits staring into a pool of water for hours. I see the little things that others miss and I love to be able share what I see through my paintings. I love the smiles it brings to another's face, that is my soul mission I think - helping bring a little sunshine to another's day, even if just for a moment.

Last year I finished up at my job to create full time, but I ended up getting burnt out doing markets in the lead up to Christmas, and found that instead of being creative I was just being a production line day after day, making the same things over and over!

So I've taken a step back this year to get myself back on track.. whatever that track might be! I have been a bit lost lately, and just last week I purchased Flying Lessons (the eBook), and already I am finding new direction.

The things that are calling me are things like creating, writing, cooking, travelling, decorating, playing music, making a house home, gardening and simple living. My heart flutters just at the thought of all the possibilities!

At the moment I am painting a large custom painting for a little girl's bedroom. Birds and magnolias!

My blog(which needs a makeover)is www.deannamaree.com. Or you can connect with me on Facebook!


Teresa said...

This just blows my mind. I had an in depth conversation with a friend about how much I want to around people who will inspire me to be a "better me" ~ then I saw this post. I'm in seventh heaven! Thanks Kelly for continuing to extend yourself to us.
My name is Teresa Cash - my personal blog about my creative journey is http://www.asmilemaker.com and I host a blog where I share stories of creative Later Bloomers http://www.imalatebloomer. Check out this site, perhaps you are a Late Bloomer, too. I would love to share your story. (that goes for you, too, Kelly. :-)

Stephanie Herbert said...

Thank you Kelly Rae! I'm Stephanie and I'm a possibilitarian! I just love that word! I'm mama to 4 little ones and somewhere along the way I kind of lost myself. Mixed Media art has changed that. I feel like Iittle by little I am meeting me and I am loving it! I try to face each day with positive energy and kindness. I'm so excited to find like minded individuals.


Kimberly Heath said...

Kelly~ Thank you for taking the time to inspire others without thought---I read a post on Facebook yesterday and the words radiated and enlightend me so! I am in the place of having a full time career for a major retailer, and wanting to shift that energy to my part time love----My art on Etsy, and my private orders. It is a great opportunity to have both, but I long so much to be home and savor life instead of rushing through the days. You can find me at www.scrapsmakethenest.etsy.com I love what I do.....I love that you are doing this, and you are an incredible woman to all of us! Thanks for letting us be part of this journey, and always reaching for the good.

Julie Johnson said...

Hi, My name is Julie and I am on the journey to learning to be a possibiltarian. I have had many ups and downs (self inflicted) I discovered Kelly in Big Bear, California and have been somewhat obsessed with her since. I love her positivity and I am working on myself to get there. I think this is exciting. Thanks for being awesome again Kelly!

Shirley Hudson - Hudson's Holidays said...
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Shirley Hudson - Hudson's Holidays said...

Hi Everyone (fellow possibitarians),
I love to keep this in mind...."What can I do today to make my dreams happen".
These are Dreams that affect my friends, family and community.

I design craft patterns....
Designs that are easy to do, takes simple supplies, so quick to complete, and turns out beautifully...giving you pride and accomplishment in your finished project.

I really love reaching out to others and paying it forward...so many have helped me in the past.

This is so much fun!


Joyelle Brandt said...

Hi, I'm Joyelle. I'm a creative dynamo and kindness maven, with a dream to bring more kindness into the world through art. I am just starting on the big and slightly scary endeavor of writing and illustrating a children's picture book called One Act of Kindness. I'm also preparing for my first art show. It's an exciting time full of possibility!

Michelle said...

I love the concept of having a wonderful, creative tribe. I was introduced to your site a few months ago and took your Flying Lessons. I learned so much. Your positivity, love of life, and love for people inspires me so much. I am Facebook page owner from Mused https://www.facebook.com/simplymused We have a lot of fun on the page which is devoted to cultivating healing through creativity. Back in October we began monthly creativity challenges which have been very popular. This month's challenge was devoted to identifying one's tribe. I love the concept of being grateful for the support and people in life. I also love growing creative community. It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life to find so many gorgeous creative souls who love art, writing, music or whatever makes life beautiful. Thanks again Kelly Rae for your social worker's heart (I have one too so it is easily recognizable). <3

Marie Nease said...

Kelly Rae! Thank you for being an inspiration through the expression of your heart and who you are! I have one of your small pieces of artwork on my desk, where I work. It daily inspires me.

All things are possible to those who believe!!

I am a single again, hopeful romantic who likes to live life to the fullest. I've sky-dived, flown in an old bi-plane, upside down and experienced the giddiness of flying upside down and what I call ballet aerobatics... Sometimes though, I am like a little girl who feels as though I've lost my way and forgot to leave breadcrumbs... BUT, I'm a dreamer and a possibilitarian (I like this new word! I need this right now!)

I am growing a new business and have to move in the midst of this time. Not sure where I will end up, but all things are possible, right?

You can find me at www.wingdreamer.com or https://www.facebook.com/WingDreamerPhotography or my blog, which is pretty random right now... http://wingdreamerlearnstofly.blogspot.com/

Jenny said...

Hi Kelly and all! My name is Jenny - I live in Alberta, Canada. I am a possibilitarian who feels as if I have lost my way recently! I found you, Kelly, at my local library when I read Taking Flight . . . reading your pages, saying NO WAY more than a few times. I was a registered social worker for many years and took a huge, brave (although I could not see it at the time) breath and left to pursue a creative dream and take care of my family - I opened a photography business, immersed myself in being a Mom (now to three boys), and currently own and run a preschool - finally settling in the spot where my passion for nurturing the magic in children and creativity live in one place. Right now I am SO looking for my tribe. This is an awesome space to start looking ;) Thank you Kelly!!

brookemontes said...

Hello to everyone!

My name is Brooke and I am that girl who has always know I could do anything as long as I set my mind to it and allowed the universe to work it's wonderful magic.

In my short 28 years on this plant I have been blessed with many talents, wonderful cheerleaders and great opportunities. My top three passions in life are animals, expressing my soul and supporting others.

When I'm not coloring, painting, doodling, gluing or snapping photos, you can find me covered in animal fur at a local shelter, adoption event or rescue center.


Bryan said...
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Tanya Cole said...

Oh wow Kelly Rae! As if you haven't already given me enough of a gift with the Flying Lessons course, but now this too!? First of all. A humungsplendiferous of a THANKYOU for helping me find my creative lifeline again and for helping me believe and for leading me to Flora as well...all so very life changing. I am a mum of 3 boys, have always towed the conservative line in living and working as expected as an a responsible Occupational Therapist, helping others. Inwardly, I have always not really fitted this mould and been a bit quirky. Flying Lessons made me take a leap of faith into launch a career as an artist. I have a long way to go but full of so much hope and excitement. I am about to turn 43 and want to surround myself with real, authentic, true-grit women. I have already rubbed shoulders with so many beautiful souls through Flying Lessons so feel very blessed. However, will embrace this little community wholeheartedly also. Look forward to 'meeting' other like minders here. On facebook you can find me at Tanya Anne Cole Artist

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy said...

Hi, my name is Cynthia. Ever since I started my creative journey a few years ago, I have wondered how to find my creative tribe. Though I have great friends, they are far to practical to understand why I LOVE paper, why my study is always in a mess and why craft and art supplies stores are very hard to resist.
I love mixed media, art journalling and making tiny, whimsical things, among many other things. Come visit me at moonlace.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

My name is Teresa Kenyon and I am very excited that Kelly has created this tribe.
Kelly, I just recently saw you on the video interview on the video summit yesterday. You are a very impressive lady! I have purchased your book and am excited to get started. I have spent most of my life being ‘the responsible one’ and was raised that my passion for art was a ‘nice hobby’ but certainly not a responsible career. I am happiest when I am creating and now that I have passed that ’50 mark’ I think it is time to step back and do more with what I love, glass art and mixed media. I have located a local co-op (thanks to a friend) and I am looking forward to moving my hobby into a business and spend more time getting to know my passion. THANK YOU for all you do and I am thrilled to be a part of your Possibilitarian Tribe. This is destined to be the BEST TRIBE EVER! My glass work can be seen at www.2dogsglass.com.

Bryan said...

This sounds amazing! I saw this on Facebook after a friend shared the link. I have been writing since 2004. I cannot define it, I just let it out. I am looking foward to learning about what outlets other Possibilitarians use to stay classy.

You can look me up on facebook, just send a message saying that you found me here.

This is where I post some thoughts.

This should be fun!
- Bryan

heartofglow said...

My name is Amy and I have been on a huge healing journey of self love, self discovery and finding "me."
I am getting ready to study social work after nursing for over twenty years.

I am a hopeless optimist and hope to meet some like-minded spirits on this page.

Please email me :amykehoe67@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing greater in this world than relationships. Relationships nourish, encourage, provide a listening ear when needed, share courage to make enriching moments to those around us and beyond. Relationships provide a creative and artistic synergy of hope to places in need and support. I am so very delighted to be among a tribe of others that share this vision. Here's just one very small and local example of community support: "covert volunteerism" by straightening shelves in stores and putting back misplaced items. Friends of mine are doing the same. Shhh....we never tell. Shirley Hudson, I love that you mentioned "paying forward". In return, we receive creative energy!

Pico-Pico said...

There is nothing greater in this world than relationships. Relationships nourish, encourage, provide a listening ear when needed, share courage to make enriching moments to those around us and beyond. Relationships provide a creative and artistic synergy of hope to places in need and support. I am so very delighted to be among a tribe of others that share this vision. Here's just one very small and local example of community support: "covert volunteerism" by straightening shelves in stores and putting back misplaced items. Friends of mine are doing the same. Shhh....we never tell. Shirley Hudson, I love that you mentioned "paying forward". In return, we receive creative energy!

Janet said...

Hi, I'm Janet! I am a wife, mother, and Gaga. I'm retired after 25 years of owning my creative business and am dedicated to spending whatever time I have left on this planet living as creatively as possible, with or without an actual business. I paint, I write, I make jewelry. I'm passing my love of creativity down to my granddaughters, and trying hard to make the world a better place than it was when I arrived. You can follow my exploits and join me in my trials and tribulations at:


twogirlsanamom said...

My name is Donna. My treasures are my two teenage daughters. They amaze me, and I am truly blessed. I have longed to own my own little bakery for years, and have sold freshly baked and frosted sugar cookies to co-workers and friends during every holiday season for over 18 years. Some day... some day... I love to dream.

LeaveAMark said...

Kelly Rae - You are awesome! This is a wonderful idea. My name is Ann and I've been a closeted creative for a long time, but finally courageous enough to come out and live my passion. I'm a writer and blogger, kindness-spreader, yoga fanatic, chocoholic, and always in search of my muse. Currently taking The Artist's Way course that's based on a book by that name. It has transformed and unblocked my inner creative artist and I will forever be thankful. As a result, I have discovered that my joy comes from engaging in creative endeavors and sharing my creativity with the world. I want to use my gifts for a greater cause because I too, like yourself, believe we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. One of my favorite quotes is by Howard Thurman: ‎"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." Writing, creating, planting and sharing inspiring ideas makes me come alive! I like to think of myself as an idea-gatherer and shareaholic :). I can't wait to see what we as a Tribe can accomplish together!! You can find me blogging at anokinashahbaz.com and most recently on my Facebook page "Dare to Create," where I strive to be a source of inspiration for Creatives everywhere. Thank you and may God bless you and this Tribe.

PamY said...

Hello fellow Possiblitarians! I'm Pam and am so excited about this opportunity Kelly has to bring like minded souls together.

Creativity has always been a part of my life in one form or another. The last couple years it's been put on the back burner with health and work issues, but soon I'll be leaving 11 years of teaching to focus on my passion of jewelry making. Endless possibilities will soon open up and I can't wait!!

Tricia said...

Hello everyone! And thank you Kelly, for this wonderful idea.

My name is Tricia, 33, and I'm a part-time artist, full-time cubicle dweller living in Portland, OR. I've recently returned to school on the weekends to get the art degree I have always dreamed of, and have fallen in love with printmaking. I love color, pattern, sketchbooks, avocados, new tubes of paint, travel, and Sunday morning brunch.

I'd be thrilled to meet some new artsy people, especially those who are working on daily creative practices and would like to mutually support each other through the ups and downs of starting to live your best creative life. I can be found at my blog: DaringHue.com

Malini Parker said...

What a beautiful, generous idea! My name is Malini Parker, I'm an artist in Perth, Western Australia (the most isolated city in the world!). I've met so many beautiful souls through Flying Lessons - thank you Kelly Rae. I've been teaching art and helping people come alive using their own creativity for the past few years and it's been a JOYFUL joyful adventure! For the past few years I have been caring for my husband with cancer and he's miraculously become quite stable against all odds... so I'm spreading my wings this year :) you can find me here: www.maliniparker.com - I'd love to connect with all of you!

Jenna said...

Hi! I'm Jenna, stay at home mommy of 3. I love to create, sew, paint, glue, cut, sand, mold, anything I can get my hands on. I am currently at the end of a life transition, buying our first home after living with my parents for 13 months. My creating came to a hault, my inspiration was dry and I felt lost. Now that we are settled in our new home, I'm trying to figure our how to live a creative life (selling my handmade goods like before) and balance my mommy and wife roles. I am honored to be a part of this tribe. I am a possibilitarian!

Monica said...

For the first time in 40+ years, I live on my own, as a single Mom with two daughters who look to me daily for wisdom, honesty, guidance, and confidence. I can finally say, I meet it happily. I am living my dream of creating artwork, and showing my children it's never to late to follow your heart. I've stumbled, and staggered, and stood back up again. They've witnessed it all. My soul loves the possibilities my life is showing me...I am grateful.
I look forward to getting to know many of you in the future... Here's to possibilities!

Willow said...

It is so wonderful to know there are so many of us out there and that there is a place for us to meet and share our creativity and possibilities.

My name is Kylie and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I'm a graphic designer, storyteller and artist. I would love to someday combine all of my talents and skills into a career that nurtures and supports me. Believing in my own artistic ability is still something I'm working on though!

My blog is at http://windywillow.wordpress.com

Come say hi!

Lisa C said...

Hello - my name is Lisa, from Gympie, Australia and I am a Possibilitarian! I have recently turned just over 50, and have overcome a few challenges in my life, and life continues to send them to me - but that is OK.
I have survived and will continue to do so. I have recently started painting - which I adore and I love, love, love yoga (think it has saved me many a time).

Currently I am exploring, learning and growing.

Its nice to meet you all!

Kelly said...

I love a tribe of possibilitarians! I am a mom of one stellar girl, a teacher, and researcher. I am courageous, brave, and vulnerable. I am grateful and ready!

evelyse swagerty said...

what's up??? my name is evelyse (evelyseRosa.com) I am a wife, mama and artist :) I would absolutely love to connect with creative souls! I will be moving back to greater Boston area (from Tenn) in June and would love to "possibly" meet my tribe in the near future. so happy, Kelly, you've created this! awesome♥~

debs foster said...

Hi, I'm Debs. I live in the UK which is a world apart from most of you lovely ladies, but I so want to be part of a tribe who thinks the way that I do. I've just started writing a blog about beginning from where you are and intentionally creating the life you really want to be living, no matter how impossible a dream it seems. I am inspired by Kelly Rae, Melody Ross and Brave Girls Club, Christie Tomlinson - the ultimate possibilitarians. Find me at www.deborahjanefoster.blogspot.co.uk. I'm looking forward to connecting with everybody. Our stories are so important and so powerful.

Dawn Wilson said...

Hi Kelly & fellow possibilitarians! It's lovely to connect with you all. I'm an Artist when I have the time!! I'm a Mum of two grown up kids, work part time to get a few regular pennies and help my daughter with her bridal business which is 1 year old this week! Ahhhh! Life is full and very hectic and I wish I could earn a living from my work but like many of our tribe I sadly lack self confidence and self belief. Have a peep at my website - which is very new and needs some work http://www.dawn-wilson.com/#!portfolio/mainPage
I shall enjoy visiting your links - and Thank You Kelly for this community.

Carolyn Phillips said...

Hello everyone,
Kelly, this is a wonderful and generous idea, thank you.
I'm Carolyn and live in the UK. I am mother to 2 teenagers with special needs (1 aspergers; 1 autism, epilepsy, dyspraxia, learning difficulties) and that has taught me that we fight, we have courage, we cry and above all we love and believe in the possibilities that are both out there and within us. I've been married to a wonderful man for 21 years, love Jesus and since finding out that I am creative have thrown myself into exploring and having fun with all kinds of media, esp anything messy, art journalling is a current fave and textile/felt work. I blog about all this mess at www.messmuddleandfun.blogspot.com and there are links there to my website etc.

Shirley said...

Hi there! I just found your blog and I loooooove your pictures.
My name is Shirley. I live on the west coast of Norway, a husband, 2 kids and a cat :) I love to be creative. Sometimes its running over and sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything :)
Heres my blog, come and visit
Lots of love from Norway

Cindy Silverstein said...

Hello all you wonderful people! I am grateful for Kelly Rae's inspiration over the years. I am a mixed media painter, and I like to say that I paint beautiful thoughts. I want my paintings to inspire us all to see that we are the love and perfection that we are looking for in the outer world. We only need to look inside where we will find love, beauty, contentment, and infinite potential. I blog about my artistic and spiritual journeys at: http://cindysilverstein.blogspot.com

Rachelle said...

Wow! You seem to always be able to channel my current state of '"artsy" mind! I'm Rachelle, an artist, entrepreneur, and am wildly passionate about inspiring others to create as well as facilitating art for activism in helping the people in our community. Being a "Possibilitarian" just seems like a wonderous tribe to be a part of and inspire others to join! Thanks for the way you think, do, and embrace our world community of creatives!

Hartelief Yvonne said...

Dear all, dearest Kelly

After living in "the World of Words" - getting my MY in Literature, being chief editor, and teacher at a HIgh-school i got in a car accident 2 years ago. I actually 'lost' my 'word-abillity', couldn't think of the right words anymore, couldn't read, couldn't even think straight cause it was all in words. I felt misserable for a while, until I discoverd the possibility of expressing myselve in a whole new way: the world of colors and forms and the emotions that come true then even if you don't intend to do that.

My view on the world is what you 'see' is what you 'get': so if you see the possibilities, tehre are always possibilities, maybe, sometimes, really unexpected ones, maybe you have to do the 180 degrees, but if you're focussed on what "CAN' or even on what "IS" you're most definitely on a happy road!!!! Glad to have meet people who are also focussed on this happy road!


Eleni said...

Hi everyone! Once again a great idea from Kelly Rae to connect all of us creative souls out there! I am Eleni, I live in Athens, Greece with my husband and two kids, who I adore. I love painting and creating and always try to find time to squeeze these between my day job and my family. For me creating is an essential part of a full, meaningful and happy life. I have just recently started blogging and you can find me at http://craftstories.tumblr.com/

Moira Read said...

Good morning my name is Moira age 45. I was born in Lancashire, but moved to London when I was 21. I met my husband Richard when I was 29 & had a whirlwind romance! We have two beautiful girls Gina & Zoe(13 & 10). We live in Kent, England. As a small family we have been through very difficult times over the past few years. We are still at a very vunerable time, especially my eldest daughter who is struggling with anxiety & low moods. She is attending a medical school for a few hours each day as main stream school is too much for her cope with. My own mental health has suffered greatly during this time. Our family has been holding on to "possibilities" during this time of sadness & changes.
I found Kelly Rae through Brene Brown, who was introduced to me by Tim Lott. I have not stopped looking at her blog since. I check it everyday & feel grateful for her messages of hope & encouragement.
Since January 2013 I have started my own blog returning back to my creative roots, insprired by Kelly's words & art. Please take a look & any comments would be lovely to recieve.
My blog is www.collageconnection.blogspot.co.uk

After a much needed phase of peace, support & relief for my daughter & myself,I can feel another shift moving into some more turbulant times right now. I will return to my blog soon but in the meantime please look & comment on my work so far. Maybe it will mean something of interest to you guys too?

Thank you for reading & I am loving the opportunity to share with like-minded creative people.

Wonderful idea Kelly Rae! Much gtratidude to you today x

Rachel Anne Cronin said...

Hi, my names Rachel and i'm a possibilitarian. Wow. Writing that feels quite powerful and potent. I am 34 years old, I live in Oxfordshire in England, in a quaint little Victorian apartment with a rambling garden. I studied art at college many, many years ago but it wasn't until I had my heart broken four years ago that I started to reconnect with my paintbrushes. Once I started painting again one of the first things I did was google "mixed media artists" and I found this amazing place and whole tribe of women sharing their stories. It's an amazing thing that someone you've never met, on the other side of the world, can write something and save your life. And it happens over and over again.
I now have the weekend off work and the thing i'm most looking forward to is exploring all of these wonderful new blogs. Thanks for this post Kelly Rae- it got me out of bed this morning!
Here is my blog if anyone would like to take a peek!

Rae Padulo said...

Talk about Serendipity! I have been working this week on reaching out and making connections with other like-minded artists/women/creative folk and HERE your post is!! :)

I'm a potter, blogger, writer, mother, wife, though not always in that order... My website is where you'll find a bit more about me: www.mudstarceramics.com

Thank you, Kelly Rae, for being a Connectress and Possibilitarian - so inspiring!! xo Rae

Linda said...

Hi. I'm Linda. I am exploring new ways of doing things everyday and pushing my limits. I hope to develop an Expressive arts practice when I return to work. What a tribe this is

Rebecca said...

Hey, My name is Rebecca, and I am turning in to a Possibilitarian thanks to Kelly. I am starting a new path of creativity and waking up to the world around me. I have now created a blog, sold some paintings, and looking to develop my skills further. I am also doing a monthly give away of work i produce, as I love the idea of spreading art around in the world!


Kelli Thomas said...

After enduring several years of unbelievable stress, it was topped off with a breast cancer diagnosis. The next few years were spent getting rid of that stress and beginning to follow my dreams of art, writing, and photography. Finding a piece of Kelly Rae Roberts' art in a hospital gift shop was a turning point for me. Finding more about her helped me find out more about myself.

Today I work daily to live the life of a Possibilitarian, to live life fully and passionately.

My work can be found at laughinghorsestudio.blogspot.com, workinprogress66.blogspot.com, and photographybykellithomas.blogspot.com.

Kelly Rae, thank you for what you are contributing to the world. You are a true inspiration.

Kelli Thomas

Samantha Hall said...

Good morning! What a fabulous way to wake up and read this post. My name is Samantha and I am mom to 5. I work part time at a craft store and be creative whenever possible. I'm taking Heather's Whole Food Kitchen and am slowly switching over our family life to a whole, natural and creative life.

iEmbellish said...

I am so proud of you for making this amazing tribe come to life! I am an artist from childhood, who was taught by a rather short, stern Dominican Nun, who single handedly, taught me at least a dozen art forms and calligraphy every day. Through my life, family, work and daily life always seemed forefront and art, on the back burner. But I believed it would be possible one day, to eat, sleep and breath art and creativity. Lo and behold, after my father in law passes away, I got my studio and have never looked back...art is in my sole, it is a part if you that never dulls, fades or can be taken away. Believe in possibilities, then run with them when you get your chance!

Jennifer Cox said...

Jennifer here - married/3 kids - scraping by and maybe struggling - left a stable, paycheck enhanced graphic position to follow my passion and never felt better - something great is going to happen - faithful - www.jennifercox-artist.com

lizzysapronstrings.com said...

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I am a Possiblitarian! : )
I love this!! Thank you Kelly Rae!!

Stephanie Ackerman said...

Love this...I am Stephanie Ackerman. I create with purpose because I have been blessed with God given creative skills and abilities. Creating is my passion, whether it be from paper, ink, paint, fabric or batter of Cookie dough.
It is my pleasure to share what I create so that I can inspire & encourage. I make it part of my daily blog to include reminders and encouragement that we are all individual, one of a kind artists that share the same love for creating. Thank You Kelly Rae for continuing to encourage us to strengthen our creative wings through the connection of our creative souls, through the art that we love to create and share, through love and respect for each other because we were made to love one another and through support for each other because we are better together. My blog is www.homegrownhospitality.typepad.com

Jo Freeman said...

Hi my name is Joanne. I am an adventurous, free, creative, lover of beauty. I am on a wild journey of discovering who I am and exploring a creative side I never knew I had. I share some of my adventures at www.soulhousestudio.blogspot.com

I am excited at the prospect of meeting more like minded possibilitarians. Thanks for the opportunity Kelly Rae Roberts xx

Leanne said...

Hi I am so happy to have found you all. My name is Leanne I live in Australia. I am a wife and mum to the two best foster kids in the world. I have just turned 50 arrgghh how did that happen?!?!? I have been working with women and children for the past 25 years, currently I am working with women experiencing domestic violence. I have been making beaded jewellery for 10 years and selling it for about six years. I have a dream of combining my two worlds, I just don't know what that will look like yet, I have some big ideas but I am just trusting for the moment that I am heading in the right direction. I have faith and feel very hopeful and I am open to all possibilities. You can find me here http://www.brilliantbeadsandbling.com

Kimberly said...

Good morning! I am Kimberly. I was a normal suburban homemaker & mother in Denver. Then, about six years ago I started to live, really live. I began to wonder what was truly possible.
A few months into my life I bought Kelly Rae's book and loved it. It was so wonderful, so different, and gave me even more to think about.
A few other books, and a few more crazy lessons in learning all I could really do myself, and we decided to pitch it all.
Now, I live in a 93 year old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in Idaho. My days are filled with kids and chickens and creating a *real* life.
And just last month, another dream came true. My husband finished our attic and I got a room to create in. One of the first things to go in the room? Kelly Rae's book. And though it's taken a few years, I'm now rereading it and trying it all out.
Follow my latest adventures and maybe see some art, at

Rikke F Mortensen said...

Thank you Kelly, for the possibility to be part of your tribe. I am a 35-year 'old' Danish mother of two, longing to be a possibilitarian and currently taking courageous steps towards seing the world as a place of love and opportunity. I don't have a blog yet and no website, but I hope there somehow room for me anyway.

Polly Hendrickson said...

Hi Everyone! I'm Polly, and for the last 3 years I've been creating a jewelry business, Polly Hendrickson Jewelry Design. I have a design background and this is my passion! I'm really still in the process, but I've become a true possibilitarian and am working every day toward reaching my creative goals and dreams! I still have a ways to go, but I am loving the process. Thanks Kelly Rae for all of your help and inspiriation! Thrilled to be a part of this group!


Dani said...

Hooray! Having a creative community surrounding me, keeps me motivated, encouraged, and inspired. I'm a 33-yr-old wife & stay-at-home mom of three (ages 9, 5, & 2). Currently reading your book that my sweet husband gave me, and gathering up confidence to finally pursue my writing career. My heart seeks to share my story with moms who feel alone or disillusioned by the season of life they find themselves in. You can find me at danibyham.blogspot.com

Farmer Deb said...

Hi Kelly Rae, I'm Chief Possibilitarian of The Herban Farmer (my blog and upstart company). A friend insisted months ago that there's no such word as possibilitarian, imagine that! I think you are brilliant and the most creative person I've ever heard of.

I create in the kitchen, make jewelry & journals, paint, garden and grow things. I have a small sewing business making accessories for pocket pets and their humans, and also do a little graphic and web design on the side. My goal is to joyfully thrive from making and selling pretty things, and sharing information and knowledge.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Lucy Ingels said...

Hi! My name is Lucy and I create mixed media art that inspires faith and trust in God. My work can be found at www.lucyingels.com
It is my wish that my art will give hope.

Paula's Originals said...

Hello I am Paula, an artist of different medias, mixed being my passion right now. It has been an avenue for healing, having gone through some grief for the last four years. I am so encouraged by your blog Kelly and do believe all things are possible. Love this idea. Thanks. Look forward to chatting with all of you .

You can find me at my blog which I am not good at.

Ann Marie said...

Hi- I'm Ann Marie and I live, love and play in Boulder, CO. I'm both a Flying Lessons and HSHB grad. My soul mission is this: I believe in the life changing powers of creativity, and inspire in others, a desire to discover their own unique creative spirit.

My business is Live.Life.Wonderful., and that just happens to be one of my mantras. Through my biz I'm fulfilling my purpose and serving others. I wholeheartedly embrace connection as the center of our human nature, and am forever grateful for the people in my life, and those to come.

My message- Life is precious, life is special so live it wonderfully!


Paulissa Kipp Visual Arts said...

Possibilitarian. What a powerful phrase. Can we see possibility in challenge? With self-love, we can.

My name is Paulissa and I live in Omaha, NE. I am a fosterer of humanity, a journaling for depression teacher, legal assisting student, photographer, visual artist and author. I capture the beautiful, the curious and the often overlooked.

After many years of living my life out of harmony with my authentic self, I am dancing boldly into my life by being a braveheart – creative, honest and loving. My art mediums include pen and ink, collage (looking for ways to make that NOT look like a 6 year old did it but I’m having fun anyway), CD mandalas, art journaling with acrylic and watercolor and whatever else seems interesting. I heal my soul when I am creative and every baby step brings me confidence. Life rewards me richly every time I go outside the comfort zone.

I deal with depression, ptsd and bipolar disorder and have recently undertaken the Face to Face: Uncommon Commonalities project to show that there is no one standard look or characteristic to mental illness.

I look forward to connecting and learning from one another.

I'm glad to be a part of the tribe.


Tashia said...

Hi! I'm Tashia. I'm 32 years old and live in Omaha, Nebraska with my husband and two kids. I love all things creative. I'm a photographer (just starting my own business), a modern scrapbooker, a painter and a writer. You can find me anytime on my blog;

I am a possibilitarian!

Suzanne said...

Hi Kelly & and all other wonderful and amazing possibilitarians!!

In a few months I'll be reaching my mid-50's. I spent most of our married life raising our 2 children... my youngest has autism and is now in his early 20’s.

The past year has been one of the most exhilarating years of my life ever. I was at a point where I could no longer stifle what was inside of me. I began to take the steps to truly step into my true self. I began stepping into my dreams and actually living them. In the process I also began finding my tribe mostly online. I felt like I had arrived home. I began expressing myself through writing. I also started exploring with photography, opened an Etsy Shop, and am having fun as an artist, something that is very new to me.

The life that God has given me, the challenges, the lessons, and all the amazing things that I have learned and lived. My greatest desire is to share and hopefully inspire others in small ways, what I have learned to do for myself. To begin looking at one's life in a different light and learning to embrace it can bring such a rewarding life that's filled with abundance and hope.

Having raised a child with autism turned my life literally upside-down… but today a few decades later I am truly able to see the amazing gifts that I was given and the many blessings that have come with that and with so many other things in my life also. And that is what led me to this discovery of what was in my Soul waiting for me to awaken to… and that is to living my life in an authentic way that can serve to help others discover the same about themselves in some way, regardless of their age, and regardless of the challenges they be faced with. I hope that I will get to meet many of you on this Possibilitarian Tribe journey! :)

I'd love to have you come visit me at http://suzanne-mcrae.com

Kelly Rae, thank you for continuing to inspire me with your amazing work... Flying Lessons eCourse helped transform me in so many ways. Blessings!

Susan Seale said...

This is so exciting! I've bookmarked the page (as a reader earlier in the comments suggested) to come back and read again for all the links:) so much creativity and possibility here.

I'm Susan Seale. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. It's beautiful here...imagine the forests around Seattle and Portland.

I am a children's specialist. I work with children through music, movement and creativity. I've been teaching for 37 years. I also work with teachers and speak at conferences, do workshops, love to encourage and inspire.

I founded my own school for babies and children and only last year closed it. After 20 years, the landlords made changes that made it impossible for me to continue. It was completely devastating. The school really was almost my whole life and had an amazing child-centered community grow up from it.

I discovered Kelly Rae's blog just after the closing, while I was in mourning and looking back, probably tipping over the edges into depression. I registered for Flying Lessons as a stand for possibility for my life. I felt so sad and hopeless that I thought if I can't do the amazing work through music with children then I will go back to my art, something I had wanted to pursue for much of my life.

There were many changes in my life in the last year and I am actually now back to teaching but not groups and not with my school. I now travel to students' homes and work with them more one-on-one. Children of all abilities, I write songs for those who have a special need that can be supported thru music, rhythm, voice. I teach regular type lessons...piano, guitar, recorder, fiddle, uke and Creative songwriting for children as young as 4 years. I'm loving it and feeling possibility again.

I gave up writing my blog last year in all the chaos and am now feeling possibility there again too. I am making plans to share with others again.

I've registered for Marie Forleo's Bschool this year and hope to create something wonderful online (eventually).

I hope to help teachers, parents and music therapists (people who believe that music, movement and creativity is a loving way to nurture, heal and educate).

I believe that everyone is born musical and creative. I believe that we are happier, healthier and more connected to spirit when we engage with our music and our creativity (no matter what form that takes!).


playcrane said...

Live in KY.
I am a mom, play therapist, counseling professor, and creative.
I intend to get back to blogging very soon--perhaps even today!
Find me just about anywhere as "playcrane"
My website is http://.playcrane.com

Jenny said...

Hello tribe... my name is Jenny and I am working on planting the seeds of possibility in my life, tending them, and letting the universe handle the rest. This year has been a year of letting go of all the shoulds in my life. I am glad to know I've got friends on this journey.
I blog at http://texterial.blogspot.com/

Jo said...

Hello- my name is Jo. I am definately a possibilitarian!
By the way, KellyI have one of your great pillows that says this. I'm a composer, musician and journalist. I've been working to help others and myself through many challenges and turn them into opportunities. I interview many best selling authors, doctors, healers, artists and also share my own music. You can find me at


I'm going to look up some of your websites, nice to meet you all- Jo

Becca Groves said...

I love this. And I need this!

I'm currently in the throws of some postpartum dark days, so this is lovely timing, sounds hopeful and I am confident these clouds will part.

My blog is: www.joyfullybecca.com

You know what's calling me? A deep desire to help parents pass on a living and colorful faith to their kids. And to use my own imagination in the process.

Christa Sorauf said...

All I can say is AMEN sisters! I believe in possibilities and that belief has helped guide me throughout my life as I've transformed from painter to writer to creative director to licensed artist and now back to painter and writer again. I've started three businesses and couldn't have done it without the belief that every day brings a new POSSIBILITY. All it takes is one phone call to change your life. I believe in helping other women and have mentored three in the past years and one just was signed as an exclusive artist for Recycled Greetings. Throughout my journey, I have had many struggles, but having a local tribe of amazing women who encourage and support each other is one of the keys to realizing your dreams. My own motto is DREAM, CREATE, CELEBRATE. I just signed up to be a sponsor for your blog in May and I really look forward to connecting with this amazing community of beautiful dreamers and possibilitarians. You can read about my journey at http://joliekolaj.com

Lisa F. said...

Hi everyone, what a wonderful idea!! I'm Lisa, in central NC, almost 49 former admin assistant to a Creative Writing program at a great university, currently a stay at home mom to 7.5 y.o. Getting closer to reclaiming my artist's nature after giving it up as a child. Have been isolated since having a child & looking to build community, online & IRL. Having a child & working on art projects with him have made it clear that I *need* art in my life. Right now I'm mostly stockpiling supplies and trying to get the nerve to jump in without having a specific project related to my son. Trying to figure out what's next for me in a job outside of the home, but dealing with speech, health, hearing, and bullying issues with my son, and aging parents far away plus dysfunctional sibling relationship. Feel like I'm reaching some sort of critical mass or momentum with synchroncities, finding Andrea Scher, KRR, and Brene Brown, and doing loads of work healing my childhood through mothering which is really intense & frequently exhausting. Thank you for your work, love your blog & working through your book!

I love the idea of a Facebook page where we could "meet!" I did one of Andrea Scher's e-courses & it was a nice way to connect & interact. Looking forward to getting know the Tribe!

Val said...

Hello- I'm Val. One of the things I enjoy is when Kelly Rae shares favorite finds. Now I have a huge list of pages and blogs to check out.
I have a gardening blog:
I hadn't thought of it in this way before, but I use my blog to explore possilities. Thank you KRR.

Kelly Dombrowski said...

Kelly this is so awesome! Kelly means warrior, I prefer to think of it as a warrior for good and beautiful things and love! I guess that makes me a Possibilitarian!

I have a small tribe of people on FaceBook that I like to journey with and am teaching them art and how to explode that which is inside of them. They are so wonderful and it's so fulfilling to see them blossom!

I called them my tribe the other day and I wake up to see this post!

I too have most of my friends online. Being an artist IS a lonely profession but one I fought for! I just turned 50 and I put my foot down and said to myself I am doing this, I CAN do this and I WILL do this. I have to know!

Then someone in my little group gave a link to your website and I understood you from the get go! I GET you!

I bought the "Whole Shebang" and it was the icing on the cake. I had the bones and a little flesh but I needed some skin and some more soul in my new biz. I immediately got to it and overhauled my blog and website!


Google Kelly Dombrowski and you'll see I am all over the internet :)

Life has dealt me some blows but I have gotten back up (after a period of time and healing) and went back at it. We only live once!

I must say I have gone to and fro throughout the internet wondering if I fit with this tribe or that and didn't really fit. I resonate here.

There is so much more to art then a pretty picture, so much more soul and spirit.

I put a little me into each thing I do. Sometimes I am exhausted from the effort and output of my spirit into art even though it appears ordinary.

My next goal... extraordinary and the courage and bravery to do it for ME!



Cat Athena Louise said...

Hi I'm Cat Athena Louise... I'm a complete believer in all possibilities!

My life has been a kaleidoscope of remarkable journeys and highly memorable events... I have a long history of self-fulfilling prophesies and so I'm boldly dreaming bigger, dreaming brighter...as I have certainly had all the proof I need that truly anything can happen.

Walking the beauty way...
My blog is here: http://www.catathenalouise.com

nicolemariearts said...

OH! Hi!

My name is nicolemarie -- in my early 20's I found my words and found art inside myself...i created. a lot. all the time. in so many ways. in my late twenties i had 3 beautiful babies -- my 3 most important creations :) now, at 30, i am finding my way back to art... to creating the way that i did in my early 20s. yes, to painting. to writing. to art.ing again.

during all of this, i have been a seeker of beauty. i am loving and living this messy beautiful life. i am being.messy.beautiful, finding my courage, finding my voice, and choosing to be brave in this life.

i am pleased and excited to be a part of this tribe.

blessings! and joy!

my humble and messy -- but still quite beautiful -- little blog can be found here: www.nicolemariearts.com

Alisa Steady said...

I see a lot of artists I know and love from the Flyer Sisters Group I'm a part of, resulting from KRR's workshop I took. Being a member of a tribe is heartwarming, and gives me confidence. I can't wait to support you all, and share with you, too! You can find me here http://alisasteadyart.com.

Joy and Create!


Erika said...

Hi, my name is Erika.
I am known as the listener and just this weekend I spoke at a women's event on letting go. It was incredible to be among women in the process of wanting more, of wanting to let go, and believe in the possibilities.
I was so nervous and there were moments when I thought that I was not the "right" person for the job. I dug into my courage space and now I have been asked to return for a future event!

Katie Radke said...

Hi, I'm Katie and this is such a nice thing to do Kelly Rae! You can find me on twitter at @krcreative2, http://www.instagram.com/kradke, on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/KR-Creative/136208249739343 and I am about to start a new blog about fine art to share my own art, tutorials, guest posts, techniques, etc. It will be http://www.katiejaneart.com. Nice to meet you all. :)

Nan-Cobalt Creations said...

Hello! My name is Nan. I AM A POSSIBILITARIAN! Creating is in my every fiber. Being a Stepmom of two beautiful boys (15 & 10), a wife to my amazing Husband and a full time employee, doesn’t leave much time to create. BUT I am determined to let this voice inside me come screaming out. My creations need to be set free into the world. Thank you Kelly rae for the inspiration, courage and knowledge to make this happen! http://www.flickr.com/cobaltcreations

Dawn Pasco said...

I'm a possibilitarian, mother, wife, dreamer, creator and love to share my favorite things. Your post was very timely for me because I just journaled this morning about how I need to get my confidence back. I don't this was a coincidence. I often tend to let self doubt get in my way.

I want to pay attention and look for the good in every day. I started my blog www.joyfulscribblings.com as a creative outlet to share what brings me joy in the hope of inspiring others. Thanks for putting this tribe together. I look forward to visiting everyone soon. Dawn

Hannah said...

Wow, when I read the title to this post, I thought "Hmm, possibilitarian? What is that?". When I read your description, I was hooked! Everything you said resonates with me and I love the positive nature of the tribe :)

So hey! My name is Hannah and I run a site called Becoming Who You Are, which is the guide to authentic living. I'm passionate about living a full life on my terms. Look forward to hearing more about the tribe :)

Blythe said...

My name is Blythe (It means happy spirit!), and I am a possibilitarian. :) I love to write. I love to paint.
I love family. I have a chronic illness, but I hope I never let that stop me. My blog: www.amazinggrace-cfids.com

Lisa said...

Hi! My name is Lisa. You can find me at findinglouisa.blogspot.com. I am the mother of four daughters who are just beginning to leave the nest. As I search for what's next, I'm listening to the Spirit whispers and searching for the courage and confidence to follow my dreams of tomorrow, while remembering to live artfully today! My wildest dream...is to change the world...one soul at a time!

Lori Woodard said...

Hello Everyone!
I am so glad to see all of these comments and I look forward to seeing your art work!

My name is Lori Woodard my website is loriannwoodard.com I also have an etsy shop that I just started it is also LoriAnnWoodard. I try to blog, but this has been the hardest for me. I am a quite person until I really get to know you -then I can talk your head off.

I love to get lost in art. At the moment it is mixed media. My logo is a hummingbird - because I can't seem to stay with one project, I am usually buzzing between painting, fabric and the computer arts.

I absolutely love Kelly Rae's work - She empowers women. I would love my work to do the same.

Kelly - Thank you so much for all that you have shared with us and all the encouragement that you have sent out into the wind for women to grasp.

Make your day Great!
Lori Woodard (TN)

Michelle said...

My name is Michelle Saxon. I am the proud owner of “TeaBags And Gardenias.” Visit me here www.teabagsandgardenias.com
I have a Kelly Rae Roberts “Become a Possibilitarian” plaque hanging over my studio art table. I purchased it when I was just beginning this wonderful new art journey. I immediately resonated with her concept - I see it every single day. It fuels me, reminds me and whispers to me.
I am a brand new artist. I am 46 years young and am reinventing myself. I have been so blessed on this very short journey thus far. I have done 3 art shows in 2012 and this year I have been chosen to participate in many more. You can read more of my story under ABOUT ME on my website.
My call is to embrace and be thankful for what I’ve been given and use it to its full potential. To care for and nurture others.
My soul mission is to authentically live the life God created me to live. To be open and teachable, to be transparent, to be true, to bring light, hope and faith into other’s lives through my artwork and my writing.
My dreams are huge. Scary, gargantuan and most times very intimidating. So much so that I find myself doubting my call and my mission. HOWEVER, I don’t believe God puts a dream in your heart without giving you the tools to make them a reality. So that said, my dreams are still huge,,, yet do-able and create-able and execute-able.
What I’m working on: Balance between full time job and what I want to end up being my full time job, networking, creating art for the upcoming art shows and dabbling in a bit of art journaling. Also practicing drawing facial features.

Jamie R said...

Hi there! I'm Jamie. I'm a proud mama to an almost 10 month old baby girl. I've been transitioning from career oriented woman to stay at home mom over the past 10 months and am starting to find my footing through it all. Which is why I'm starting my blog to share my thoughts with others trying to find it all in the dark. It's not there yet, but it's getting there. I too believe in possibilities. They give light to our darkness in all aspects. Nice to meet you all!


CanvasPics {Interior HeART still life} said...

Hi, My name is Tara and I love to paint and create. I took the "practical" career path of an engineer until I became a SAHM of 5 (4 girls, 1 boy). As soon as I had made this switch my passion for painting and creating really came to the forefront. Being the practical career minded person I am (so hard to change) I started pursuing a nursing degree. Nursing will be great- I'm easy going and can love and give 110% in anything I do however, I hear the whispers over and over telling me paint, paint, paint. It's hard I don't have to tell you guys that. Great to be here and I can't wait to connect with all the other Possibilitarians.

Jamie R said...

Hi there! I'm Jamie. I'm a proud mama to an almost 10 month old baby girl. I've been transitioning from career oriented woman to stay at home mom over the past 10 months and am starting to find my footing through it all. Which is why I'm starting my blog to share my thoughts with others trying to find it all in the dark. It's not there yet, but it's getting there. I too believe in possibilities. They give light to our darkness in all aspects. Nice to meet you all!


Julie said...

Oh hello! I am Julie, and have your art and inspiration all around me in my studio boutique in Apex, NC. You share so much Kelly Rae! Can't wait to really read all the prior postings in hopes to connect with the other tribe members both online and maybe even in person! That is possible! My inspiration has been blocked of recent, but I am trying to be brave like you say Kelly Rae! To keep at it and be true to my ideas for making one of a kind purses and scarves.
I look forward to helping others journey through to reach their dreams too! Check out my site....www.makeityourownboutique.com
Thank you Kelly Rae! Would like to meet you one day!

Les Chérubins said...

Hi to all possibilitarians!
My name is Dominika, I'm from Croatia but I live in Qatar at the moment with my husband
I love creating cute and colorful things, paintings and taking photos. I have a mission to brighten the world around me and I think love and kindness are the best way to do it.
My biggest dream is to be able to create independently for the rest of my life, I'm trying to succeed in that by growing my little brand Les Chérubins. You can find me here

CroppinSpree said...

My name is Ulyth and boy have i ever overcome the odds. I truly believe in dreams, art and the idea that feeling part of a tribe saves the soul. I am working on being connected, on living my life to the fullest and not being afraid to express myself.
My art is how i communicate who I am. I commit to reading about each and every one of the people who have written here and connecting with them. After all, a community is what keeps us going.
I would love to feel part of a a tribe where i can just BE. Will you all connect with me?
I can be found at www.croppinspree.blogspot.com
Thank you Kelly Rae for this opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Laura and I do believe anything is possible if done with faith & love.

I'm a WAHM of two teenagers & a part-time prek teacher. My goal is to open the world of possibilities to the children in my life everyday.

Angela Jones said...

My name is Angela Jones. Rarely does the thought cross my mind that I might not get what I put my mind to. I am a possibilitarian!

Thank you Kelly Rae for your creativeness and willingness to share!

Daisy Girl's Art Studio said...

Hi guys! My name is Melanie. I'm a single mama to 2 amazing kids. I love all things creative and my dream is to inspire others through my Art.. <3 Thank you Kelly! You have been a huge inspiration to me! :)


Mary I-Scott said...

Hello everyone...
Loving this whole "tribe" idea.
My name is Mary I-Scott and I live in a very small town in the midwest. It is so important for me to have a connection with other creative souls.
Feel very blessed to have Kelly leading me on yet another creative journey. Wow...what will that girl think of next!!!
My new (and not perfected) blog is:

zoe g said...

Hello ladies! What an amazing group we are!!
My name is Zoe. I'm an artist, author and adventurer and mad mom to 7 month old Gigi.

I'm an eternal optimist and my super power is seeing other people's possibilities where they usually can't or won't, and I aid and abet them to do something about living a life they truly love by making decisions based on passion, purpose and divine desire rather than expectation and self sacrifice.

I'm just finding my feet again after chronic illness diagnosis, unemployment and pregnancy and fell in love with Kelly Rae's work way back when in 2006.

Looking forward to spending time getting to know lots if you in our little virtual clubhouse here.
You can find me elsewhere online at www.TheMinistryOfTransformation.com and www.Facebook.com/zoe.goode1

Ruth said...

Hi Kelly Rae, I'm Ruth from the UK, I'm a Reiki master/therapist, photographer and recently have re-connected with being an artist after 20 years! I'd love to have an arty tribe again...I've been following your progress for a few years now...Your posts inspire me, and your book helped me to find the courage to take the leap back to art...thank you gorgeous soul ;)


Sharon Stanley said...

oh my goodness so many possibilitarians! hello to each of you. kelly, what a smashing idea...already i feel like i have arrived in my tribe! i am sharon, and up till now my tribe has consisted of mostly cows as i live on white oak farm in rural virginia...it's a wonderful place to be. i am also wife of one, mother of two (pretty much) grown boys, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 10 chickens, and, as i said, lots of cows. i am a children's book writer and artist and lover of all things paper, fabric and thrifty. visit anytime at sharonstanleywrites.blogspot.com.

Diane Sullivan Photography said...

Hello Possibilitarians! I am Diane. Clinical social worker for the last 25+ years. I spend my days filling others with inspiration, hope, and belief in what is possible. It's my turn now! Trying to muster the courage to leave my day job and spend my days creating. I am a photographer, writer, potter, collector of handmade things, maker of many things, and lover of all things creative. Curiosity is my middle name. Exploration is my fate. And creating will be my livelihood one day. Thank you Kelly for such a great idea and for sharing your wonderful spirit, your truth and authentic self. You are an inspiration to so many.

carolynhughesthehurthealer.com said...

Wow! What a fabulous group of people! Happy to share my belief that nothing is impossible. Thank you Kelly :)
Love from The Hurt Healer


Alberta Art Classes said...

Hello Possibilitarians! My name is Puanani. I am turning a new leaf and deciding to see Possibility at every turn. I am a teacher and painter and hopeful dreamer. I love to imagine a world in which everyone is able to practice art! I love to see the beauty in the world. I love to be stopped in my tracks with awe. It is good to know I am not alone...I am presently offering "Pay What You Can Afford" in my studio in the hope that art truly be accessible to all. It feels so good and so right. Make Art, Everyone!


Tracy Verdugo said...

Oh sweet Kelly Rae,
thank you for instigating this tribe of possibility!!
I am sooooo here with you all and my heart is filled with lovely portals of curiosity and wonder.
In the past two years I have created the world of my dreams; travelling around the world inspiring others to grow and trust in the beauty of their own creative voice AND this year I am thrilled to be writing a book for Northlight based around my Paint Mojo and Sacred Marks workshops.
Thank you so much for being one of my wayshowers and it is awesome to meet all of you fellow possibilitarians here. Would love you to come say hello over here! :) http://artoftracyverdugo.blogspot.com

I dwell in Possibility
By Emily Dickinson

I dwell in Possibility –
A fairer House than Prose –
More numerous of Windows –
Superior – for Doors –

Of Chambers as the Cedars –
Impregnable of eye –
And for an everlasting Roof
The Gambrels of the Sky –

Of Visitors – the fairest –
For Occupation – This –
The spreading wide my narrow Hands
To gather Paradise –

Jennifer said...

I love this idea! A place where possibility flourishes!

I'm Jennifer and I belive that anything is possible. We just have to willing to be courageous and give it a try. Anything can happen anywhere.

You can find me over at:

Thank you for this Kelly Rae!

Kelli R said...

Hi my name is Kelli! I live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I am a mum, wife, teacher and lover of all things creative. I am really keen to be a part of this. I need to get motivated to start a blog but you can find me on facebook.

Kari J Young said...

Hi! :o]

My name is Kari J Young. I am an artist and DEFINITELY a possibilitarian!

You can find me online here:


I'm working on a series called Beetle Girls and Beetle Goddesses about transition and inner girl power. I'm working on large wood panels that are almost 5'x4'. Its the biggest I've ever worked and I am excited and proud to be bringing them into the world. My struggle is work/art balance... I know I'm not alone in this quest. I would like to some day transition from a "job-job" to teaching/co-teaching, painting and workshops.

I love connecting with creative people and would love to expand my tribe more globally!

loves & poodles!

Kari J Young

Lisa Morales said...

Hello all you creative souls. My name is Lisa Morales and I am a mother of three, a professional face painter, and a student at the Glassell School of Art in Houston, Texas. I did not consider art as a career until the age of 45 - so I feel a little behind the curve. But I think that NOW is the time in my life for this path and the art is pouring out of me. I'm looking forward to seeing how this tribe developes. Many Thanks to all!!

Find me here: apinchofwonderful.blogspot.com

Lisa Morales

neetoldstuff said...

Hi, my name is Eileen, and I've been a Possibilitarian my whole life! I have always believed in love as the most important thing. I bought your book, Kelly Rae, when it first came out, and it was so amazing! So encouraging, everything you said resonated to my soul!! I was just getting used to being an empty nester, had taken care of an elderly relative for over 8 years, and moved! Now was MY time to create and delve straight into my art--to find my voice! I took all my courage to take my first tentative step: to submit a piece of art to Stampington for publication--wonder of wonders it was accepted and published! Can anything ever compare to that first joyous moment of acceptance-that something I created from nothing, was 'good enough'? Oh the possibilities! The door had opened a crack!! I continued to submit art, and continued with success, I started broadening my horizons, started playing with (scary for me!) Painting!! I gave paintings to people, I started entertaining more scary thoughts of --trying to sell something! Wow, giant step. Then, three years ago, my husband of 38 years was diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease. Everything stalled. My days were doctor visits, tests, training to give infusions, our world turned upside down. He didn't handle it well. He was depressed, I was depressed. Our grown daughter has had a detour in her life. More complications, requiring lots of energy and love. I still believe that love is everything, but it's very hard. I am back in that place of caregiving that I had for all those other years. Thank you for this tribe. I need to feel a part of something bigger than my daily problems. I need to find my creative spirit that is hiding from me. Thank you to all you beautiful, generous, kind possibilitarians for including me ( I hope) as friends. I am on Facebook as Eileen Terhaar Clark. I have a blog at neetoldstuff.blogspot.com, but it hasn't been updated in awhile.

Tara Catalano said...

Hello Kelly + Tribe,

I'm Tara, a single mama, painter, healer, positive spinner, digital artist and spiritualist. I still work a day job but I won't get into that. I participated in KRR ecourse in Sept and met a ton of other creatives and I would love to meet more. My website is www.taracatalano.com and my FB is https://www.facebook.com/tcatalano7. Let's connect!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! im Jen Ferro, i am trying to practice courageous vulnerability, if that makes any sense? i think when you send your art into the world it can feel scary, overexposed somehow. anyway im trying to push through this not good enough mentality! thanks for the practice...i can be found at bettyandmaude@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

jen ferro again...im also impatient and dont proofread :( i can be found at bettyandmaude.etsy.com (oops)

DonnaSalazar said...

You are such an inspiration! I love that you've so eloquently put into words what I feel in my heart! My name is Donna Salazar and I am a Possibilitarian! You can find links to all of the fun places where I hang out on my blog posts: http://donnasalazar.typepad.com - Smooches ~D~

Suzee Ramirez said...

I am possibility... I am in this tribe. Blessings to all my fellow tribe members. You are beautiful.

Akasha-Rose EMMANUEL said...

Hi Kelly, thank you for being the person you are, so kind, gentle and sharing. What a wonderful gathering of like minded possibilitarians are gathering here. I believe in the power of sisters working and sharing ideas in ways that strengthen us all. I am 53 and only now trying my hand as artist and poet - wanting to prove to myself that I can live my life from the inside out instead of the outside in. I look forward to joining in.


julesmarie said...

Hi Kelly Rae! I am Jude, a 55 yr. old mother of 2, my sweet Amy & my sweet Austin. I've been reading your blog for over 3 years now, it was love at first sight. I lost my job in 2008 (I worked as a graphic artist for a large Japanese company - JVC.) It was after that when I found your blog, being home alone, depressed, looking for inspiration. Boy, did I ever find it too! I love the possibilitarian life. There is always something to dream about, always someone who needs a smile, in general life is good! I dream of meeting you one day, you and yours are too cute for words! Sending love and light from Alabama! Namaste.

Jackie said...

Hi Kelly Rae!! You are a pure gift! An inspiration and I dig the idea of a tribe...I too need the sense of community, the strength from others, the band of layers that bonds us all. I have not been online in awhile, so as I shake off the dust I am so delighted to meet others, share our gifts and encourage each other. I also shared our meeting on my blog....to the tribe!! Stop by and say HI!! Smiles-Jackie


Clair Oaks said...

Kelly, I am new to your site - Found out about you from my painting mentor, Flora Bowley...my name is Clair Oaks, and I definitely count myself in the Possibilitarian Crowd! I blog occasionally at www.clairoaks.wordpress.com and my music (yoga music) site is clairoaks.com
I am inspired by you - thank you for doing what you do!
I am new to visual art over the last couple years, I am 54 years young - I can't get enough of it!

Brenda Hartman said...

Hello friends!! My name is Brenda and I strive to be a Possibilitarian every day! I recently retired from education after 30 years, married my true life partner, and became a grandma! Life is very full and I feel its blessings daily! As a Meg Wheatley follower, I believe in the immense power of connections. In January, I said aloud, "I want to create something pretty" not really knowing where that would lead. I immediately discovered Kelly Rae Roberts, began to explore, and have been joyfully playing with mixed media and collage.
I absolutely love the emerging tribe and welcome the interactions, connections, and possibility-making! Thank you, Kelly, for bringing us all together!

Samantha Kira said...

I crave and practicing living a life of everyday adventure. It is all a way of seeing things...a trip to the grocery store is a grand journey to nourish yourself, the bookstore fuel for the mind. Living with chronic pain has woken me up to the still moment, the perspectives we all have, and a life still full of possibility even if I may not have a body that cooperates all the time! I paint to discover, not fit in or be liked, and dig daily into my Soul Home. I howl when driving fast under a bright moon, and pull my typewriter out under trees.

Visit my home online, but I'd much rather connect through email. Www.journalgirl.com

Shells said...

Hi Everyone, I'm Michelle aka ShellsintheBush, a mixed media and acrylic artist from Perth, Western Australia. I'm 45, mother of 2 sons and painting and creating are my passions.

You can find me here at http://www.shellsinthebush.com/

Many thanks to Kelly Rae for being such an inspiration in my life.

TerriKelley Palin said...

Hi I'm TerrKell (Terri) ... I'm a Creative Junker, Mixed Media Artist and Viewer of The Glass Half Full... I'd love to get to know each and everyone of you personally... You can learn more about my passions on my face book art page... www.facebook.com/terrikelleypalin.mixedmediaartist fyi: I'm in the process of building an Etsy shop and Web page where I can continue growing and expanding my passions as a Possibilitarian <3 Creative Smiles:) TerrKell

spaark said...

Serendipitous- my husband just referred to all of you as my Tribe just last night...and I loved it! So funny to come upon it again today:)You are all my tribe and yes, Kelly, you the connectress. I just read many of the comments and have connected with many of you over the past year. We do need to believe anything is possible and support and encourage each other on this wonderful journey!
My name is julie. I am definitely a possibilitarian...and thankful for it!
My website is www.artisticallyafflicted.com
Thanks again Kelly for inspiring us! xo

Robin said...

Kelly, love this idea! Excited to meet everyone here. I am also an artist/designer moved to inspire others :) :)


Tara Longest said...

Courge is something I practice on a daily basis. Kindness is something I remember, believe in, and practice on a daily basis. I also believe in something bigger than myself. I have to, if I didnt, I wouldnt be where I am today. With that, it is because of the beliefs i have and the actions I have taken that have made me and brought me the success I have today.
I face challenges on a daily basis and have witnessed first hand that my dreams are not necessarily "my dreams" but have led me to where I am today. Yet, new dreams are built and until those dreams are passed onto someone else or are in my hand, I will continue to dream these dreams or new dreams. I have overcome odds that many others haven't. I have also been beaten by the odds but continue to have a full heart, faith, and hope.

My name is Tara. I am 27 years old. I am the Director of Human Resources and Development for a school for children with autism. And the passion that I have for those children are beyond any explanation. I am a Possibilitarian.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Deb and have always known I was all about possibilities! I am a retired therapist and mother of three amazing adult daughters and 6 grandsons! I am still working on being the best and most creative I can be. I love reading Kelly and Brene's blogs but haven't written on my own for awhile. My blog is


Shawn Petite Inc said...

Hi! My name is Shawn Petite and I am an artist, mom, wife, lover of people and a possibilitarian! Thanks Kelly for this opportunity! I have read over the posts... soo many beautiful stories, so many beautiful lives... I am inspired by all of you! I am truly blessed and am excited about each new day... Big Smile Shawn

gina smith said...

Hi my name is Gina Smith. I started a blog about a year ago and haven't written anything in 6 months. Too many excuses but that is ending now. I am going to begin again. I am also working hard towards living the dream I have always wanted. I have always been an artist and it is time that I acted like it.

Love your heart Kelly Rae Roberts!!!

www.angelademuro.com said...

Great group..loving it!

Miriam said...

I'm Brave Teacher Mim, and I'm all about the possibility that life brings to me. (Honestly, I'm overwhelmed at this moment, but I'll bounce back soon.)

Some places I'm a possibilitarian these days: becoming a certified yoga instructor, creating art, being a mom, and inspiring other women--online and in real life. I'm especially interested in empowering people who call themselves teacher.

Sue Grilli said...

Hi All! My name is Sue Grilli and I'm so excited to find such a wonderful tribe of like minded creative souls. I even recognize some of you from the Flying Lesson group- good to see you again!
I truly believe anything is possibly in life, believe in it and make it your own!
Come and share in your creative life at www.suegrilli.com, I would love to hear from you!
Thanks Kelly for making this possible.

BeanandBear said...

Hey, I'm Krystal of BeanandBear on Etsy. I am taking small steps towards possibility and courage. Art has been magical to me since I was small. I long to speak, encourage and bring a little magic to others. I want to stand in the center of possibility and show others they can too. Thank you for this idea of tribes, and bringing us all to one place.

Kate M said...


I'm Kate, dreamer, maker of stuff, mummy of 5 littles, believer in possibility & ready for positive + arty + soulful connection.

You can visit me here at my blog & link to me everywhere from there. Thank you for the opportunity Kelly Rae. xo


Rebecca said...

Hello there

My name is Rebecca I am a artist, wife and momma to five furbabies! I am a dreamer, creator and so ready to open myself up to new possibilities!

come visit my blog and say hi!


so excited to make new connections, thanks Kelly Rae for this amazing opprotunity!

Angie Richmond said...

Hi everyone! My name is Angie but I'm also known as Write Me Happy. I'm a career coach, a writer and an artist. I'm working on pulling all the parts of me together and living from my true spirit more fully. It's my life mission to help others step into the career they've always dreamed of!

You can find me at www.angierichmond.com

SmilynStef said...

Stephanie aka SmilynStef from the Midwestern heartland ... thanks for the reminder to Believe.

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