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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Room Tour: Living room (again!)

I'm thinking third time's the charm, right? We've lived in our house now a couple of years now but our living room has gone through several various arrangements (you can see one and two variations). I love rearranging furniture, but there was something always a little off about the living room arrangement for me - something to do with it's irregular shape (it's on the skinny and long side), and not having a solid wall upon which to anchor the space (all the walls either have windows, doorways, or a fireplace).

And so, we took another stab at reconfiguring this space.

(bookshelves going up!)

We put in some built-in bookshelves, which was a good move. A very good move. Made the room look wider, grander. Also gave us some space to add in some charming personality with our books and meaningful trinkets. 

Totally love how they turned out. Also totally love that the the built-ins we originally put in the dining room to hold books can now hold dining room stuff, and not books.

(Love how you can see True's construction paper hearts in the adjacent room)

Another big move we made (besides scoring a chevron rug on overstock.com) was to get rid of our one big couch and replace it with two small loveseats. Best move ever. It allowed us to anchor the room with the couches instead of a wall and it also allowed the room to be what it really wanted to be: sort of skinny and long. Result? LOVE! 

I had a super fun time making this wall of art. I'm not a big fan of planning it all out to precision. Rather, I attack it like a painting: just start hammering stuff up until if feels/looks just about right. Really happy with how it all turned out.

Toddler True loves it too. Turns out the chevron patterns on the rug are prefect pretend roadways and train tracks. And the skinny coffee table is a perfect pretend bridge or pretend horse or another racetrack and on and on.

I deeply believe in creating home spaces that inspire us, that lift us up, that remind us of who we are and the life we've built. Beauty matters

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lizzysapronstrings.com said...

So bright and cheery! I love it! A cozy room to sit down with a cup of tea or curl up with good book! : )
I love your son's hearts on the window in the next room too! : )

Shannon said...

What a beautiful space! I love all the light--really struggling with light in my house these days and will be repainting so I am keen on your wall color and how light-filled these photos are. Thanks for sharing!

MzAshleyQ said...

*sigh* I love your home. We've lived in our place 6 years and have yet to really make it distinctively ours....

Lucy Chen said...

what a beautiful home you have, Kelly!

Alberta Art Classes said...

Nice. I have been wanting to downsize our couch for awhile now...Looks great!

Roxee said...

Love the chevron! And those bookshelves sure a fab. Did your handy dad make those too? Now can we have a peek at the 'dining room stuff' in d/r bookcases. :) Thanks Kelly.

Kim said...

I am in love with this room!!! Is there room for one more in your gorgeous home? You'll hardly even know I'm there. LOL!

Kim said...

I am in love with this room!!! Is there room for one more in your gorgeous home? You'll hardly even know I'm there. LOL!

Michelle Hughes said...

I just found your blog the other day and I love your living room layout! The bookcases flanking the fireplace with windows above... sigh... And you sound like me with the hammering.... I just put up a little gallery and I just started. Anyhow, love your room and now I will browse your blog a bit more :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know what color this yellow is? I love iT!!! and everthing else of course...esp. art display


monica lee said...

oh! I am in the middle of re-doing my sunroom space, it can be so tricky! I have been using instagram and photos to give me a better perspective! Funny but it is working!

CanvasPics {Interior HeART still life} said...

I can't even count how many living room arrangements we have gone through...when you tire of this you can always push the two couches toward the dining area a bit (so one lines up more in the middle of fireplace opening) and squeeze a sitting area behind it by the windows and one book shelf, make another "zone" ...just an idea for future. Creative people always tweak, arrange and rearrange. Blessing or curse? Hmm..

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your colors. I am in the process of changing my colors from warm to bright colors. I love the colors of the sea and the sun. This room is a great inspiration.

destashio said...

great room. Love all the different patterns.